PROOF // Evotional 3 // John 4:45-54

Take a minute and read John 4:45-54. Don’t miss John 4:50. 

Jesus worked some incredible miracles, performed amazing healings, and taught wisdom and knowledge that no one had ever heard. This story is no exception. A man who had a sick child approached Jesus and asked for healing. Jesus agreed to heal the child, and did so without even being present with the sick child. It’s a great story. But there is one verse that encapsulates Jesus and our faith relationship with Him.

Verse 50 is where we see Jesus agree to heal the child. He says to the man, “Go. Your child is going to live.” It’s one thing for Jesus to heal people whom He touched or saw; it’s another thing entirely to see Jesus healing people without seeing or touching them. Only the Son of God could wield so much power.

The second cool part of verse 50 is the man’s response. Jesus said He was going to heal the child. What was the man’s response? “The man took Jesus at his word.” Just like that. Jesus spoke, and the man believed. On the spot. No questions asked. Is your faith like this? Do you take Jesus for His word? Are you convinced Jesus is who He says He is, and can accomplish anything He wants to?

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