Tuesday in Yellowstone

Sorry for not updating yesterday. We didn’t have cell coverage most of the day & when we did, we was too busy playing Catch Phrase on the bus & laughing our heads off! Yesterday we traveled from Rapid City, SD to Cody, WY & camped in a national forest campsite.

What a day today has been! We got into Yellowstone Park around 9am & by lunch we had seen 3 grizzly bears, 3 grizzly cubs, a moose, tons of bison, an ice-covered lake, & played in the snow! We can also count to 14 in under 6.2 seconds, and I just heard someone behind me call someone else a doof. So it’s an all-around good day! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tuesday in Yellowstone

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! Sure wish I was there but pray that God’s doing great things in our children’s hearts!

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