Dallas: We’re home!

We are home, what a great trip and great team!  Exhaustion has struck, but it’s a “fulfilling” exhausted. One of our teammates said she would be back next year–no matter where we went, and that she was not going to spend her spring break lying on the beach. She was going to work and give to the Lord. Wow, what an impact this trip had on her. Shane Claiborne said, “Being a Christian is about choosing Jesus & deciding to do something incredibly daring with your life.” This student has decided to do something very daring.

It took us all week, but we figured out why Satan wanted to stop this trip. The missionaries said that more important than the work we did was the encouragement we gave. They couldn’t believe we would spend time doing this for them. Satan didn’t want them encouraged; He wants them to quit. He wants them to feel worthless.One thing I know is that Satan works in generalities and God works in specifics. God wanted us to give specific encouragement through our work projects. Satan wanted these missionaries to feel discouragement overall and quit. It isn’t going to happen.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  That is what we did this week. We became lost in service. Our team must understand that we don’t have to be part of a team to serve others. So carry on team, and serve where you are planted.


One thought on “Dallas: We’re home!

  1. Sounds like the trip was a fabulous success!! Inspite of Satan’s attacks – God’s side won. Lessons were learned, encouragement was given, work was completed and God’s name was glorified. What a testimony of God’s ability to use ordinary people to get extraordinary things done!! Blessings to those who gave of their time and talents!!

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