High School Winter Retreat


We are all drawn to great stories–whether they’re on the big screen, small screen, in a book or elsewhere. But we may be completely unaware of one simple truth–that our lives are a story as well. The decisions we make every day are shaping the plot. The things we do, believe and trust determine what is being written. And for many of us, the story we are scripting could be so much more if we let God write, or even rewrite, our story. It’s the story we long for, the one our hearts truly desire.

Come discover your story. On February 25th-26th, we are going to be gathering together around stories–about the big story unfolding around us, the small stories that distract us and take us off course, and the story that God is telling that invites us to be a part. Here’s the catch: the majority of the time, you are going to be with your Life Group. This whole weekend is going to revolve around the faces you see every Sunday night.  You ready for it?

Sign up deadline is February 13th (also the day of Dessert Theatre!). The cost is $15 (which is what it would cost you to buy 12 songs on iTunes, one ticket + popcorn + drink to the movies, and one t-shirt from American Apparel). Everything else you need to know, you’ll find out when you come. You can download the registration form here.  WRITE.REWRITE High School Retreat


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