PROOF: Evotional1 // John 2:1-11

This weekend, we started out a new series called PROOF. We’ll be journeying through the Gospel of John together, and every week, we’ll have two devotionals for you on the blog to go through on your own: one on Wednesday afternoon and another on Friday morning. Here’s the first!

Read John 2:1-11, and pay close attention to verse 9. It says a lot about Jesus and His heart.

Here’s the scene: Jesus is at a wedding. Weddings in Jesus’ day aren’t like weddings today. They were a week-long celebration, including huge feasts and parties involving tons of guests. Jesus is in this type of atmosphere, probably near the end of the wedding celebration.

For a host to run out of wine was a huge offense; people would have talked about this for years, and been a huge disgrace for the family. So Mary tried to get Jesus to intervene. Jesus eventually performed His first miracle, turning a very large quantity of water into wine. In itself, it’s an impressive miracle. But there’s something unexpected about this miracle, and if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll probably miss it.

In vs. 9, we see that the master of the banquet didn’t know where the wine had come from–but the servants did! Jesus so often appealed to the lowly, the outcast, the sick, and the poor. The religious elite and the wealthy very rarely found His message to their liking. Jesus’ followers were for the most part made up of common laborers. It’s fitting then, that the witnesses to His first miracles weren’t the upper-crust religious dudes. Nope, it was the servants. Pretty fitting for a King who says in His Kingdom, “The last shall be first.”

Have the words of Jesus ever been startling for you? What does this passage tell us about the heart of Jesus?

Feel free to add to the conversation and leave your own comments!

Summer in the Son: Day Four

We’ve had an amazing week. The theme this year was TORN. The first day, our theme was TORN from God; we talked about how we have all been torn from our Creator because of our sin. We all had the opportunity during worship to write out things that have separated us from God on torn piece of cloth. On Tuesday, our theme for the day was TORN apart, and the cloths from the previous day were across the stage for us to take and pray for. All the cloths were later strung together in a veil, representing the veil that separated us from God before Jesus. On Wednesday, our theme was TORN down, and the “veil” fell during worship, representing what Christ did for us on the cross. Today, our theme has been TORN by God. Our challenge tonight was to think about how our hearts have been torn by things that break His heart. All week-long, we have learned about Jacmel, Haiti and how we become involved. Our goal for the week was to raise $3,000 so that more people could have access to clean water. Tonight, they took an offering and the students raised $5,255.65! All that to say, it’s been an eventful week, and your students are coming home changed!

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