Senior Trip: Day Three

Hey everyone!

We’re heading off on Day Three of our trip together. Last night we took a gorgeous hike around the Badlands, went through a bit of Matthew together, and slept underneath the stars; it was truly breathtaking. We are certainly not going hungry–we woke up and chowed down on biscuits, gravy, Tang, and coffee.

Today we’re on our way to Yellowstone, so we have another travel day ahead of us. We’ve certainly been loving our time together and are all anticipating the adventures ahead. Until next time…

On our way! Senior Trip: Day One


I’m updating this through my phone, so disregard any spelling and/or grammar errors. It’s been a great day so far. Right now, we’re traveling through Iowa and everyone is going through their Senior Trip book. It’s going to be a long and memorable night all crammed together and driving until morning. For now, there’s Euchre to be played and conversation to be had. Love you all!


Here’s a pic of Stuart and Julia, just for fun.