Wow.. we have had an AMAZING week. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to update through my phone with lack of internet… bummer! We’ve had 2 students dedicate their lives to vocational ministry, 3 rededicate their lives, and all of us have committed to Kingdom Work! When your students get home tomorrow, ask them about their Kingdom Worker card. They are doing everything from organizing a 5K run to memorizing 2nd Timothy. I’ll update thoroughly when we get home. See you tomorrow!


CIY MOVE: Mid-week Update

Hey all! Wow… I cannot believe it is already Tuesday. This afternoon was the first chance I had to even touch my computer, so, sorry for those of you that have anticipated an update, I’ve been with your students! :o) We’ve had an amazing trip so far. On Sunday we all went up to Okoe Lake and swam, played Euchre, and laid low until the conference started at night.

We have been studying through 1 & 2 Timothy all week, discussing the relationship that Paul had with Timothy. Sunday night’s focus was GRACE… taking a look into the heart of God and just how much he loves us. Yesterday the students (and leaders!) were challenged with the TRUTH. We read from the Truth, learned about the Truth, talked about the Truth, and wrestled with the Truth. Last night, several students made some big commitments about the Truth that I’m sure they will tell you all about.

Today’s theme has been all about GODLINESS, and this morning we talked about the difference between trying and training. There’s much more to come tonight, and I’m excited to see how the students grow even deeper in their “training” for godliness in their journey with Christ.

Thanks for being patient. Stay tuned, and keep praying for your students… they are being challenged!